Pistol Simulator Training $35/hour
Don't want to blow through ammo in these uncertain times or can't find the ammo you need? Come in and hone your skills on our new simulator with one of our instructors. 

Concealed Carry (CCW) $95
Our CCW class is not for beginners. This class is a total of four hours with a qualifying shoot at the end. If you are interested in getting your concealed carry permit but need more training, see our other training classes. 

Intro to Pistol $100
This class is for new pistol owners/enthusiasts. We teach how to disassemble, clean and safely manage your pistol. You will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting on a simulator. 

Pistol Level 1 $130
​Level 1 has a small classroom portion to review stance/grip. We then move to the range to focus on live fire as well as how to correct basic malfunctions. 

Pistol Level 2 $150
In Level 2 you will learn how to draw from holster in our classroom. We then move to the range where we train you to shoot from cover/concealment, the proper way to reload, and how to correct malfunctions. 

Pistol Level 3 $180
To qualify for the level, you need to complete our Level 2 course. This course will teach how to run your pistol  at a true tactical defensive level.

AR 15/10

Intro to AR $130
​This course begins in the classroom to teach the basic fundamentals like how to maintain, clean and make basic repairs/adjustments to your AR. We then go to the range to teach how to zero your AR and target engagement out to 50 yards. 

AR Level 1 $150
In Level 1 we focus on how to run your AR effectively. The skills taught in Level 2 include reloading, correcting basic malfunctions and multiple target engagement. This course has a small classroom portion but the majority will take place at the range. 

AR Level 2 $170
This advanced AR class is strictly spent at the range. You will learn to shoot from cover, moving between cover and multiple target engagement.

Long Gun

Long Gun Level 1 $130
Level 1 teaches you the core fundamentals of long range shooting and helps you build a good foundation for more advanced training. This course focuses on zeroing your rifle and engaging small targets out to 200 yards.

Long Gun Level 2 $150
Level 2 gets deeper into all the factors that affect your round such as wind, temperature, altitude etc. You learn to read wind and how to compensate for it, how to shoot with a spotter, and engaging targets out to 700 yards. This is a two day class. 

Long Gun Level 3 $250
Level 3 consists of three days training on private land in Sand Creek Pass, Colorado. The focus will be high-angle fire and shooting in teams out to 1,000 yards. The wind conditions are tough to shoot in and the experience will leave you with confidence to shoot in almost any environment. 


Tac-Med Level 1 $300
​This course teaches you the skills to keep yourself or someone else alive after an emergency or self-defense situation. You learn how to use three types of tourniquets, pressure dressings, how to control shock and other trauma related injuries. This course is two days of classroom instruction which includes several hands-on exercises such as needle decompressions and tourniquet applications. 

Small Team Defense Course

There are three levels of the small team defense courses which focus on shooting, moving and communicating in teams of 4-8 people. These courses are taught on private land in Sand Creek Pass, Colorado. Each course lasts 2-3 days. 

Requirements for these courses are as follows...
You must be 21 years of age, no exceptions. 
Must possess an intermediate level AR training certificate from a reputable training company. 
It is highly encouraged that you be in average to better than average physical condition. There are long walks through steep terrain associated with these classes as well as running up to 50 yards at times.

Private Lesson

Most classes can be taught privately if  preferred with a two student maximum. Private lessons are $75 per hour with a two hour minimum paid at the time of booking.